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JPW and friends

Well, if you were unable to attend last night’s BIRTHDAY BASH for John Powel Walsh, I gotta’ tell ya’ — you missed it!  What a TOTAL BLAST!!   For those of you who were there, THANK YOU for such a delightful, fun, unforgettable evening!  And thank you for your contribution to the Chorale!

Good heavens, John has fantastic friends~~WOW!  And I think almost every one of them was there last night!  I’d be nuts to even TRY to name names!  I’ll just put it this way — the creme-de-la-creme was there!  A walk through the crowd “eavesdropping” would have revealed the most animated, interesting, eclectic mix of topics one could imagine!  Laughter abounded.  Tom Kavanaugh did catch a few folks in mid-schmooze…some of these will undoubtedly find their way to the website!  (Uh-oh!  Better check it out!)

I’m not really sure exactly how many guests attended – some folks dropped in for a little while, others of us (including yours truly) stayed the entire evening!  The refreshments – so delicious and beautifully presented, discreetly distributed all around the Shaws’ home – were the wondrous handiwork of Leslie Caplan and Jeanine Hayes.  Special kudos to the two of them.  And, while I’m at it, a HUGE thank you to Mary Ann and Dick Shaw for so graciously opening their gorgeous home for this gathering.  Truthfully, now…when was the last time you went to a truly elegant affair that was also a complete BALL?!?!

But the biggest thank you goes to the Birthday Honoree himself, John Powel Walsh.  It was John’s fabulous idea to make his birthday party an opportunity to support the SLWC.  Thank you, John!   With such a generous spirit, it’s no wonder John has so many magnificent friends!  (Not to mention his totally awesome spouse, Paula!)

Happy Birthday, John, and many, many more!  And thanks all ’round to everyone who contributed to make last night an absolutely unforgettable evening!


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